My name is Ann, I am currently attending Ivy Tech to get my Associates in Library Sciences which will allow me to get job as a Library technical Assistant. After I am done at Ivy Tech I plan to transfer to IUPUI where I will be getting a Bachelor’s in History and then a Master’s in  Museum Studies.  Along with being a student  I have three  jobs, one at the Dance Studio I have taken classes at since the age of 4 I am a teacher there now and the second is at bookstore/coffee shop where I will be a barista once the machines are set up and I put books away. I also work as an independent contractor at another bookstore in town, they have me come in about once a month to stock shelves and organize them. I am younger than the owner’s so I can climb on a ladder and reach high shelves for them.  As you can see I have quite a passion for books, that is why this blog will focus mostly on bookbinding, paper marbling and letter-press but might also touch oon some other trades like weaving or blacksmithing.