Here goes nothing!

Leather bindings of English poetical works

Leather bindings of English poetical works

This blog is an assignment for school so if it is not updated frequently it’s probably because I got a lot of homework or something. Setting this blog up was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but that is probably because things like this always seem more daunting when I’m told to do it as an assignment. And also because I have watch a lot of movies where bloggers have a hard time setting up, then again those movies were made when computers were still a new idea, the blogger was not tech savvy and did not have a very good internet connection. But as I said those movies were from or about the early 2000’s. As a millennial I have grown up using computers and then internet and the classes I am taking have greatly improved how tech saavy I am. Especially this class in particular which is about technology in libraries.

However this blog will have very little or nothing to do with technology in libraries, I plan for this blog to be about ancient trades such as bookbinding, paper marbeling,  letterpress, blacksmithing, weaving , etc.


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